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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q. What is Smart Repair?
A. Smart Repair stands for small to medium repair technique. It covers paint repairs to alloy wheels, bumper scuffs, mirror caps, machine polishing and scratch repair however sometimes if the damage is on a large panel then a trip to our workshop is unavoidable depending on location and size of damage.

Q. What do I need to do as a customer to ensure the mobile work is undertaken efficiently?
A. If we are repairing alloys we will need your locking wheel nut keys.  If it's a bumper scuff then we will need an area close to our van to carry out the repair and we will need access to a power point ( we carry over 60m of extension leads if required).

Q. How long does it take?
A. Alloy wheels take between 1 and 2 hours per wheel dependant on size and condition. Bumper scuffs or similar between 2 and 3 hours.

Q. Is your work Guaranteed?
A. All our work is covered by a 12 month warranty; if you are not happy then we will return and rectify the problem free of charge. We cannot guarantee some polished and diamond cut wheels as this type of wheel requires regular cleaning to prevent corrosion. We will however advise on this before we start any work.

Q. Can you work whatever the weather?
A. Wheels - Yes, as all work is carried out in the van.  For bumper scuffs etc, we a have a awning on our van that allows us to work in the rain however if the temperature is too cold or there are high winds we will not take on work outside but we will of course let you know in advance.

Q. How do you match paint colours?
A. Colours are mixed and matched on site using the same matching systems used in top body shops but in smaller quantities. This allows for a precision repair. We also carry on board all the standard Wheel silvers and greys.

Q. Can you refurbish Split Rims?
A. Yes we can however they can be expensive as they need to have the tyres completely removed and the wheels split, all of which takes a lot more time.  Some new wheel bolts if required can cost up to £150 but please feel free to phone for advice and to discuss things further.

Q. Can you repair diamond cut alloys?
A. Diamond cut wheels are machine lathed, then a clear lacquer is sprayed over the face.  If you look closely you will see faint lines like on the back of a CD while the insets are usually grey or black.  It's not the best finish for Britain’s salty roads.  They look nice and shiny when new but as soon as the lacquer is split they will start to corrode.  Some manufacturers no longer guarantee the finish within the warranty period.

Your options are

  1. Get them re skimmed.  We recommend Supreme wheels MK , however they will need your wheel(s) for 2+ days.  Very expensive as have to go on a £60k lathe and can only shave a few mm off.
  2. We can re polish and re lacquer but can be very time consuming and will lose the faint lathe lines.  Also may not be as reflective and can't offer much guarantee against corrosion.
  3. Refinish the wheels in any colour, probably the best option as you will have a layer of primer, colour and lacquer to keep the corrosion away ( not the best option if you only have one wheel that needs refinishing).
  4. We can take out any curb damage then respray those areas with a reflective silver.  It’s a good repair however if you look very closely you would see where the bare metal blends into resprayed area.  A good repair but does depend how bad the damage is to determine whether this can be done.


Our Guarantees

All work is undertaken punctually at a time and date which suits you.

All work is conducted by a professional, qualified vehicle engineer and comes fully guaranteed.

Every project is quoted on a ‘per job’ basis and not based just on the value of the car, meaning competitive quotes.

Over 15 years experience within the industry means we are full of knowledge, tips and help when you need it.